ATID Monday Night School

It’s THE place to be.

Imagine a place where you can hang out with your peers and explore what it means to be a Jewish young adult today.

Imagine a place where a delicious dinner is followed by engaging, hands-on learning — free from the stresses of tests — where you can delve into the topics that interest you.

Imagine a place where you get to delve deeper into your Jewish learning — going beyond Hebrew school basics or the topics you once touched on in day school.

That’s ATID Monday Night School.

We bring quality learning, social experiences, and a warm, caring environment together to offer Jewish learning every Monday night throughout the school year.

We start each week with dinner and Havdalah, and then divide by grade for our weekly Core Classes, aimed at expanding our students’ knowledge in areas from Jewish history and culture to rituals and Jewish identity. After core classes are electives, changing each quarter, offering topics such as Yoga and Meditation, Art, Jews in Comic Books, Jews in Sports, Jews who Rock, Photography through a Jewish Lens, Talmud for Teens, Jewish Hot Topics, From Midrash to Morsels (cooking), and so much more.

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Beyond Monday Night School, there are multiple opportunities for Jewish learning. These include Dual Enrollment Hebrew, Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing, MCUSY, BBYO, a Food Justice program, Teen Volunteer Corps, and J-Serve. Teens may also wish to serve as classroom assistants, or madrichim, in their synagogue religious schools. Register for the Harold Wade Madrichim Leadership Institute and become a better madrich. There is something for everyone, and we are happy to help you find your path. Go to for details.


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Monday Night School Director: Dr. Melissa Ser, 248-626-2153