Our students learn modern Hebrew as well as prayerbook Hebrew, Israel, Holidays, Prayer concepts, Torah values, and ethics. Each year builds on the previous one, and students grow at their own pace while striving to reach benchmarks in each area of study. Students learn to use the same siddur used in the main Sanctuary, Sim Shalom.


Educational Philosophy of the Learning Community

In the Book of Proverbs, there is a profound statement: “Educate a youth according to his path, so that when he is old he will not stray from it.” Here, we try to put that statement into practice: we try to find out what will help each child succeed, so that our educational process has a long-term impact on each student. Our goal is to make Judaism accessible, meaningful, and relevant for our students and families. Our goal is to make Judaism relevant, meaningful, and accessible to our students. To that end, our curriculum is both focused and exciting!

Curriculum Highlights

Pre-K, K, and 1 learn Hebrew letters and vocabulary, developmentally appropriate stories and activities from the Torah, Prophets, and Writings, explorations of holidays, Israel, Jewish rituals and Jewish values.

Grades 2-7 continue learning about all of the topics touched on in earlier years, but begin to more deeply develop their Hebrew reading and writing abilities, as well as their understanding of and facility with prayer. They continue growing their Hebrew language abilities as well through Hebrew Immersion with experienced faculty. Project-based learning, experiential education, and hands-on activities make our classes engaging!

Additional focal points include blessings through the Jewish Calendar  for third grade, Jewish values through Genesis and Jewish Detroit for fourth grade, Jewish Holidays & Jewish Values for fifth grade, and Modern Israel for sixth grade. Grade 7 learns about life in pre-WWII Europe and the Holocaust. Their curriculum also has a unit on Jewish values connected to the environment and the Jewish Life Cycle.

Specialties: All students have art, music and other special programs throughout the year.

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