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Intro To Judaism

Intro to Judaism Class in Michigan - Rabbi Dan Horwitz

This course is taught through a collaborative educational partnership with the

Miller Introduction to Judaism Program of American Jewish University.

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Weekly topics: To read a description of each topic, click here
Class One - Torah: Our People's Story
Class Two - Ancient Israel: Kings, Priests, Prophets
Class Three - Two Jews… Three Opinions
Class Four - Sacred Days: The Festivals of the Year
Class Five - Shabbat: A Cathedral in Time
Class Six - Prayer: Keva and Kavanna
Class Seven - Passover: Exodus and Us
Class Eight - God Wrestling
Class Nine -The Rabbinic Revolution
Class Ten- Days of Awe
Class Eleven - Jews + Food
Class Twelve - Under Crescent and Cross
Class Thirteen - The Greatest Blessing
Class Fourteen - From Generation to Generation
Class Fifteen - Life's Hard Times
Class Sixteen - Hatred and Heroism
Class Seventeen - Israel: A Great Dream
Class Eighteen - The Jewish Mission to Heal the World