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Softball Covid

Sunday Softball Stay Safe COVID Plan

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they do not participate in games with a fever, cough, or other Covid-19 related symptoms. Failure to do so will result in an automatic 2-week ban and possible further action. If you don’t feel well stay at home.
  • Any participant displaying Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to leave the field immediately.
  • All players must maintain 6 ft social distancing guidelines. Teams will use the dugout and accompanying bleachers to maintain these guidelines.
  • All participants, including players and umpires, are required to have a mask on their person at all times. The mask can be worn around the neck or be kept in a pocket when social distancing is possible. This is for the safety of all participants and staff. Masks are to be worn in situations where maintaining proper social distancing guidelines is not possible.
  • Catchers will be required to maintain a 6ft distance from the back of home plate. A line will be drawn for their reference. Umpires will stand 6 ft behind or to the side of the catcher.
  • All umpiring will be done from 6ft. social distancing.
  • Players will not be allowed on the field to disagree or argue a call. Any participant who gets less than 6 ft away from the umpire will be automatically removed from the game.
  • Teams are responsible to bring their own water.
  • Sanitizing products will be provided one can per bench. Teams that share bats are encouraged to sanitize the bat between players.
  • Batting gloves are encouraged (both hands), especially if you are planning on using someone else’s bat. If you would prefer nobody use that bat you’ve brought that is OK, just keep it away from the collection of bats that everyone picks from.
  • No Spitting.
  • No seeds, nuts, or snacks. Feel free to bring your own but sharing is not a good idea.
  • A baserunner on 3rd may stand off of the base into foul territory to allow the 3rd baseman more room to field their position.
  • A “neighborhood” play at 2nd base will be considered an out.
  • All bases are force plays no tagging at the base.
  • Suggest no fans, but if they choose to attend they should bring their own chair and a mask.
  • Pitcher may not lick finger.
  • Rules subject to change.