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A year of living Jewish values

A year of living Jewish values

A year of living Jewish values

This year we will engage in a whole-school Jewish Values program. Maintaining a schoolwide initiative on teaching values as they relate to students lives and, throughout the year to holidays, insures that students will receive developmentally appropriate and realistic lessons regarding how these values affect our lives. This curriculum, and the activity below, is adapted from Living Jewish Values (Behrman House, 2012).

Younger students may focus on the physical acts of putting these values into action and connecting to themselves; older students will be able to explore the origin of these values and understand how their actions affect the community. Allowing the classes to focus on each value for a month provides the students time to understand and practice each value and to build up their own knowledge. The goal of this curriculum is to create well rounded students who are aware of how their actions affect not only themselves but the world they live in.

We also hope that parents, grandparents, and community members will take this opportunity each month to learn more deeply about one of our values.

In September, we are getting a head start on the upcoming chaggim by focusing on the value of T’shuvah. T’shuvah is returning to our best selves and trying to live according to the right path.

An activity that you can do alone or with your family is:

Make a list of friends and family with whom you want to feel more closely connected. Next to each name, describe at least one thing you can do to improve your relationship with that person.

As you move through September, take a few moments each evening to think about how you acted during the day and describe how it helped you become your best self. Remember that no one is perfect.

Describe, as best you can, your feelings about your relationship with God. There are no wrong answers! How can you make that connection stronger?