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Education at Adat Shalom

Adat Shalom Synagogue in Farmington Hills, Michigan (Detroit), has prided itself on its religious education program since the 1950s. Of course, our Hebrew School program has adapted over the decades to be ahead of the curve. Under the leadership of our Director of Education, Dr. Melissa Ser, Adat Shalom operates a fully integrated religious school program with a strong family education component. The program is designed to provide our children with the skills to become active and committed Jews, in an environment that is loving, energizing and intellectually rich. The Synagogue offers a Sunday morning preschool program as well as religious school classes for kindergartners through 12th graders.

Adat Shalom Synagogue

In addition to formal education opportunities, a plethora of informal opportunities, including community service and fun youth activities, exist under the direction of Jodi Gross, Director of Adult Learning and Youth Engagement, and Sammi Shapiro, Assistant Director of Education and Youth Engagement. We invite you, together with your children and grandchildren, to make Jewish learning a lifelong endeavor.

With our clergy fully invested in our educational program, and with a fantastic team of lay leaders supporting our teachers and professional staff, we have an exciting, enriching program. Join us.

Adat Shalom comprises multiple arenas for learning and growth for adults. Come learn and explore Judaism with our clergy, educators, as well as scholars-in-residence.

Contact Melissa Ser, Director of Education