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Adat Shalom-Beth Achim Learning Community

Under the leadership of our Director of Education, Dr. Melissa Ser, CJE, Adat Shalom operates a fully integrated religious school program with a strong family education component. The program is designed to provide our children with the skills to become active and committed Jews, in an environment that is loving, energizing and intellectually rich. The Synagogue offers a religious school program for preschoolers through 7th graders. Eighth through 12th graders participate in high school programming through Monday’s Nosh & Drash, a leadership program where they serve as madrichim in classrooms, and/or taking Hebrew for high school and college credit. In addition to formal education opportunities, a plethora of informal opportunities, including community service, exist for youth of all ages.

We make Judaism accessible, meaningful, and relevant for our students.


Handbook & Calendar, 2019-2020


We are committed to enriching the lives of students and families within our congregation in a nurturing environment through diverse Jewish educational experiences according to the values of Conservative Judaism as they relate to God, Torah, holidays, prayer, history, the Hebrew language and the State of Israel. Our school promotes connections between and among families, the synagogue, the community and the State of Israel, creating a path to a happy and meaningful Jewish life.


Our students take pride in being Jewish through an education focused on age appropriate, experiential learning that enhances each student’s appreciation for lifelong learning and living as Jews. As an important part of our synagogue community, students gain an understanding of the way Conservative Judaism is practiced at Adat Shalom Synagogue. They have a strong sense of Jewish values, ethics, Torah, traditions, Israel, and tikkun olam (social action) and have the opportunity to lead as well as participate in tefillot (communal prayer). Their understanding of Judaism gives them a sense of who they are and an appreciation of their role in the larger Jewish community that will last a lifetime.

Our Learning Environment… Our school is warm and nurturing. Students feel safe and free to express themselves. Our learning environment is one of mutual honor and respect. Dedicated, creative and enthusiastic teachers guide our students using different learning modalities while meeting the needs of each student. They create a student-centered, active learning environment which extends beyond the classroom into the lives of our students and their families.

Our Families… Our families are part of a diverse, engaged and motivated community. They are connected to each other, to Adat Shalom Synagogue, and to the larger Jewish community. By offering meaningful experiences, celebrating holidays and Shabbat, our school provides students and their extended families with opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth.

Our Relationship with the Greater Congregation…. The Rabbis, Hazzan and other professionals have an active and visible role in the school. Having developed meaningful connections with our clergy and staff, our students and families feel valued in the greater congregation and are motivated to be involved in all aspects of Adat Shalom Synagogue.