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Synagogue Thrival Kit



Synagogue Thrival Kit 2024 - schedule and session topics: 

Full description of the schedule and session topics



Weekly sessions on Wednesday evenings on Zoom - January 17 to June 12, 7 to 8:15pm

Session one: Torah: Our People's Story 

session two: Shabbat: A Cathedral in Time 

session three: Two Jews… Three Opinions 

session four: Ancient Israel: Kings, Priests, Prophets 

session five: The Greatest Blessing 

session six: The Rabbinic Revolution 

session seven: Prayer: Keva and Kavana 

session eight: Sacred Days: The Festivals of the Year 

session nine: Life's Hard Times 

session ten: God Wrestling 

session eleven: Jews and Food 

session twelve:  Under Crescent and Cross 

session thirteen:  From Generation to Generation 

session fourteen: Days of Awe 

session fifteen: Passover: Exodus and Us 

session sixteen:   Hatred and Heroism 

sessions seventeen & eighteen: Israel: A Great Dream 

session nineteen:  The Jewish Mission to Heal the World

sessions twenty, twenty-one: Making Judaism Your Own – preparing for Shavuot 

session twenty two: in-person morning Shavuot experience and service 


In-person gatherings with Clergy at Adat Shalom – 

Saturday, January 27 - Shabbat (Saturday) morning services 9 am followed by lunch 

Wednesday, February 28 - Evening service at 6pm followed by learning

Wednesday, March 27 - experience connected to Judaism and food at 7 pm 

Wednesday, April 24 - Passover dinner and learning at 7pm 

Sunday, May 19 - Volunteer opportunity 10:00am 

Wednesday, June 12 - Holiday of Shavuot service at 9am followed lunch