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2020 Yom Kippur Appeal

Continuing Our investment in the Future of Adat Shalom Synagogue- Now More than Ever

Now more than ever, our Adat Shalom family needs to come together to keep our spiritual home financially secure. Physically distant, we have stayed spiritually connected. Our clergy have inspired us to meet the challenges of maintaining our strong synagogue community during these unprecedented times. We are adjusting to living through a worldwide pandemic. WE must continue to learn together, pray together, and even argue, lovingly, together, even if it cannot be in person as soon as we would like. We must keep our synagogue strong.

As a result of your generosity, we have been able to maintain our home for more than 75 years. This year, this very extraordinary year, we once again ask you to do a special mitzvah on behalf of Adat Shalom. Adat Shalom Synagogue is where we teach our children about Judaism, study together as adults, and celebrate simchas. It is where we come together to safely worship in a meaningful way. It is where we find strength and receive support. 

Rabbi Jacob E. Segal z”l and Cantor Larry Vieder, z”l identified the synagogue as the home of the Jewish people. Adat Shalom is still, and always will be, a place of light, strength, and hope. We will continue to live our lives with joy and meaning, fulfilling the dreams of those who came before us. Without strong synagogues, there will be no Judaism, no Jewish people, no State of Israel.

Your financial support will help us live safe, healthy, and meaningful Jewish lives and create a future for our children and their children and for many generations to come. Help the synagogue meet the challenges of now. Together, we can still make miracles. 

We strongly encourage you to be part of guaranteeing our future by making a meaningful monetary contribution toward this year’s Yom Kippur Appeal. 

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